Other models of noise barriers


This is a wooden screen used on overpasses designed to carry wild animals. This screen serves to guide the animals to use the crossover and well as separating the specific areas where animals cross from vehicle traffic.




The wooden panels consist of slats made from pine treated to Class 4 vacuum autoclave with steam injection to guarantee protection and stability against insects, fungus or solar radiation, which are then reinforced at the ends by means of square wooden blocks that fit inside the HEA/HEB section.


The chemical used to treat the timber is WOLMANIT CX (a chrome and arsenic-free product compliant with current EU Directive in force since 28/03/2004 and certified for use in Spain by the Ministry of Health and Public Consumership), applied at a pressure of 12 kg/cm² for a period of 3 to 4 hours and an absorption rate of 300/500 l/m³, which, according to EU regulations, is the only standard acceptable for outdoor applications in permanent, maintenance-free contact with the sub-soil and water; the timber is also given complementary ‘4T’ anti-termite and ‘4C’ anti-lyctus treatment.



The steel used in the frame sections that support the wooden panels is grade S275JR, as per standard UNE EN 10025.


All metal parts are hot-dip galvanised according to standard UNE EN ISO 1461 and thermal spray coated to standard UNE EN 15773.
Frame posts are normally vertical HEA-HEB sections with the wooden panels fitted between them.


Birdstrike protection screens are fitted in the vicinity of water courses and estuaries where flying birds are most common, as well as in places where the rail infrastructure may interfere with migration routes. It comprises building a barrier that forces birds to fly over the top of passing trains so as to avoid birdstrikes.

Other models of noise barriers - Panacor



The panel comprises two plates of DX51D+Z275-NA grade galvanised steel compliant with standard UNE EN 10142, spray coated in any colour on the RAL chart to the customer’s choice.
They are reinforced at the ends by means of polypropylene seals on which EPDM gaskets can be fitted to adjust the panel inside the HEA/HEB metal frame.


PANACOR anti-birdstrike protection screens are spray-coated to provide them with excellent resistance to the effects of adverse weather, heat or deterioration due to exposure to sunlight, as well as high anti-rust capabilities, thereby producing an end product that requires practically no maintenance.


This solution is designed to provide a noise screen covered with species of climbing flora that are planted under the screen and grow upwards trained across a galvanised steel mesh. In this type of screen, the Rockwool is not only used to absorb and neutralise ambient noise but also to retain rainwater and thus provide an efficient and steady water supply to irrigate the plants and enhance their growth.
The result is a panel that is not just a highly efficient noise screen but also impeccably attractive while requiring practically no maintenance. Furthermore, they can be fitted without the need to use heavy plant or machinery. These acoustic panels are highly suitable for residential areas with an average noise impact.


This solution is designed so that the acoustic barrier is covered with climbing plants that are planted at the bottom of the screen and grow upwards using wooden strips as training support and the earth that fills the inside of the screen provides the substrate for the vegetation on the screen to grow.

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