Noise Barriers

Metalic Noise Barriers

Other models of noise barriers

PVC noise barriers

TL4 and TL5 Noise Barriers Systems

Mixed noise barriers

Concrete noise barriers

Wooden acoustic barriers

PMMA acrylic acoustic barriers


Noise Barriers Panacor was founded in 2004 and is conceived as a company with a clear dedication to its customers forming part of an international group of enterprises that operate in the civil works sector, especially in the realm of noise abatement in both public and private infrastructures.

We are a young company with an entrepreneurial outlook and a profound vocation to serve. On the basis of those objectives, from the beginning, we have steadily grown in the sound insulation market by defending our main goal, which is none other than to provide our clients with the best possible service, a target we pursue within a framework of seriousness and responsibility, constantly prepared and ready to continue improving.

We participate in all stages of the construction schedule, from project design to the final completion, conservation and maintenance, upholding the most stringent quality standards in everything we do.

The company is formed by professionals with ample experience in the field of public works and civil construction, thus enabling us to tackle any kind of project regardless of size, which in turn affords us a position of leadership in the noise screen market and helping us to look to the future with even stronger commitment.

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