Tunnel Ville Marie – Montreal (Canadá). Cladding with enamel steel panels

Tunnel Ville Marie – Montreal (Canadá). Cladding with enamel steel panels

It is in 1960 that Tunnel Ville-Marie was build in the heart of Montréal, the economic capital of Quebec province in Canada. This most important tunnel of the great French-speaking metropolis of the Americas, has begun a rejuvenation, allowing Panacor to offer one of its new technologies. The contract for the design, manufacture and supply of the protective panels was given to Panacor in June 2021.

After designing a system to protect the concrete walls of the tunnel specific to this project, Panacor carried out computer simulations demonstrating to the owner of the structure, the Quebec transportation Ministry (MTQ), the ability to meet the requirement wind loads of 2 kPa. An optimized design, regularly updated throughout the project, reduces manufacturing costs, accelerates the installation of the fastening system while ensuring compliance with the most stringent standards and codes. On this particular project, panels were successfully tested under ISO-4532-1991. In the end, approximately 1000 enamelled steel panels are installed in a very short time, allowing an early reopening of the track. Project is completed in may 2022.

The quality control was successfully done in collaboration with the MTQ and the contractor responsible for installing the panels. The development of this technology and the construction of this project in a short time, allows Panacor to position itself as one of the leaders in this field.

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