Quality and Enviroment

The Noise Barriers Panacor Quality and Environment policy has the following basic objectives:
  1. The continuous improvement of overall business management is a result of the continuous improvement of quality and environmental management, which is achieved by efficiently managing the system.
  2. Customer loyalty is a direct consequence of customer satisfaction, which is achieved by meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations.
  3. Minimising environmental impact is the result of minimising the significance of environmental aspects, which in turn is achieved by acting primarily on the amount and nature of those aspects.
  4. To uphold environmental protection and conservation, in such a way that preservation becomes the leading factor in the efficiency and sustainability of each project.
Noise Barriers Panacor maintains a clear commitment to providing quality services to its customers and to minimising any environmental impacts the company’s business may produce. In this respect, it assumes the pledge to continuously improve the effectiveness of its management system and to comply with all applicable requirements, both legal and regulatory and those undertaken by the organization itself.
At Noise Barriers Panacor  sustainability and aesthetics are a basic factor to be considered in all our actions and activities.
We seek to provide fast, efficient, and safe service based on agile and versatile production processes and constant personnel training, all with the aim of satisfying the needs of our customers and ensuring the highest standards of excellence and quality.


On an on-going basis, Noise Barriers Panacor takes an active part in R&D&i projects dedicated to the reduction of noise alongside road and railway infrastructures.
Currently, our company’s R&D&i department is devoted to studying improvements in noise screen manufacturing processes, new construction solutions for their erection, and to the research, development and innovation of new products that may help improve the environment.
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