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Acoustic protection systems for infrastructures

About us

Acoustic screens Panacor is part of international companies that operate in the field of civil construction and in particular in acoustic protection in public and private works.

Our company is made up of professionals with extensive experience in the field of public works and civil construction, which allows us to face any work regardless of its size.


At Panacor, we are proud to present you our careful selection of cutting-edge acoustic protection products.

Our range of cutting-edge solutions are designed to address any acoustic challenges you may encounter in your projects. From road works and building construction to massive infrastructure projects, we have the most advanced technology to guarantee an optimal acoustic environment.

Discover our high-efficiency soundproofing panels, created with premium quality materials that guarantee exceptional sound insulation. In addition, our acoustic barriers are ideal for mitigating noise in urban and residential areas, offering an effective and aesthetic solution.


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