Highlighted projects

Tunnel Ville Marie – Montreal (Canadá). Cladding with enamel steel panels

Turcot Interchange in Montreal – CANADÁ

Champlain Bridge in Montreal – CANADÁ

Interestatal I66 in Washington D.C – USA

Ring road Z-40 in Zaragoza – Spain

Proud to be the first company to install noise barriers on the roads of the United Arab Emirates

Noise barriers for post office in Dublin, IRELAND

Colored methacrylate noise barriers in Andorra

Noise barriers installed in A41, Porto – Portugal

Motorway Vlakovo-Tarcin , Bosnia-Herzegovina

Motorway A1 Maritsa Plodiv – Haskovo, Bulgaria

PANACOR MT15 noise barriers supplied in Asunción viaduct (Paraguay)

Loading area in comercial center in Eindhoven – NETHERLAND

New project in India. Congrats to our partners Safety First

PANACOR AC100 panels for noise reduction in Etihad Rail project. Abu Dhabi – UAE

New noise barriers project supplied with success in United kingdom

Noise barriers PANACOR AC100W in Estonia

Paseo del Bajo in Buenos Aires – Argentina

New elevated railway line in Buenos Aires – ARGENTINA

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