Reinforced Methacrylate Noise Barriers


Cast Acrylic Metal Reinforced Panel


  • Acoustic barriers for bridges, preventing slivers falling in the case of accidents
  • Acoustic barriers preventing annoying noise to the surrounding environment caused by road railway and air traffic
  • Large public buildings such as airports, malls, stadiums, institutions, schools, etc.
  • Acoustic insulation on production sites for machinery
  • Offices requiring noise abatement solutions
  • Architecture and town planning
  • Architectural glazing designs

Installed worldwide

Acrylic reinforced sheet with 2mm diameter stainless steel rods and stainless steel wires, at a distance of 30mm between them, (32 ±0.5 mm center to center).

SMR is an excellent solution complying with the European regulation for installation of acoustic elements along bridges (patent granted). Metallic stainless steel lines in the acrylic matrix show a high contrast preventing birds from colliding with them. Contrast does not fade with time; stainless steel will not corrode for years.

SMR is the only reinforced sheet that keeps sliver retaining properties for life, other nylon solutions degrade after 10 years.

Panels can be machined and hot bended according to architectural and acoustic design.

Graffiti can be easily cleaned from pannels and scratches repaired by conventional methods on acrylic surfaces.

Dimension: 2050 x 3050 mm (2000 x 3000 mm)
  2000 mm x 2100 mm.

Panel Load according to project design, calculated by FEA (Final Element Analysis), upon request from our technical department.

Also available cut to size according to customer requirements.

Thickness: 15 mm, 20mm, 25mm, others at request.

Color: Standard clear. Matched to any color as per customer requirements.

Surface: Glossy or opaque sides, option of additional sand blast stripes.

Technical Specifications

Thickness (mm) Satisfactory Performance for the design wind load Noise Reduction (Category B3)
15 1600 N/m² 32 dB 30 dB 33 dB
20 1900 N/m² 34 dB 32 dB 36 dB

Falling debris: Class 3 (15 and 20 mm thick) and class 4 (25 mm thick) for 3 meters lenght panels, acording EN 1794-2 Anex B

Panel produced according to ISO 7823-1

Complies with EN 14388:2007 - Road traffic noise reducing devices