Noise Barriers Panacor is a long-standing firm with ample experience in manufacturing and installing noise screens for road and railway infrastructures.

We supply and install several types of noise abatement screens: Sound-absorbing panels made of metal (steel or aluminium), transparent acrylic PMMA, glass fibre-reinforced polyester, wood, concrete, glass...etc.

All our acoustic barriers come with CE markings in compliance with the technology and standards required by European regulations and have been tested and certified by several acoustics laboratories, duly accredited and approved under standards EN 1793 and 1794.

Noise screens can be combined and designed not only to meet specific noise pollution requirements but also to blend in perfectly with the surrounding landscape.

With our ever-present goal of achieving maximal customer satisfaction, we put all our material and human resources, comprising a group of highly experienced professionals with a deeply-rooted spirit of teamwork, at your fullest disposal.